Our Programs

There are three pillar directions to the work of the RCGF. The first (RESPONSE) is focused on people in crises,  the second (CARE) is focused on children, and the third (GROWTH) reaches out to the youth and vulnerable women.


Response to Inevitable –  is a program focused on responding to humanitarian crises, helping to restore health, safety, education, economic well-being, and power to people devastated by conflict and disaster.

Through partnerships with national and international agencies, we provide needed resources for the victims-, and find permanent solutions to the causes of the crisis through negotiation, rebuilding, etc.


Nosh a Child: Food and Clothing – This is a subprogram for children that are malnourished, as a result of being a child of a teenage parent, war, an orphan or being in a rural area set up.  We reach out to them through the Women Forum organized for women in trouble, single parents, widow, or emotionally challenged.

We link up with churches, food houses/pantries who can partner with our outlets in different locations to cater for the children.

Fund a child: Education and Health – This is designed for children that are deprived of formal education.  Some of their parents are jobless – they can feed them but they cannot afford to send them to school.  We take care of such children and those mentioned above under Food & Clothing section.  We also take care of their health challenge.  We link up with private school owners and sponsors to fix the children.


We have two sub-programs as follows:

Talent Club- It is a program for teenagers and youth to discover their talents and channel them to the right direction.  We have the belief of catching them young, and nurture them by setting up talk shows and talent training ground for them.  We have the club organized as academy to develop them until the level they can stand on their own and also able to develop others.  We partner with sponsors who assist in getting them all the required instruments and materials in the course of their training.  We develop skills/talents like: drama, singing, instrumentalists etc.

Responsible Women – This program is reaching out to bless women in trouble, single mothers, women faced with domestic violence, teenage mothers, widow and sick women, also serving as a peacemaker in a troubled home.  We organize talk show and meeting ground to assist in improving their finances, solving their health issues and attending to other emotional issues they might be facing.

We have forum online for each category of women we are dealing with, to be able to have one on one counseling and also to give opportunity to meet people having similar experience with them, for example rape victims