Care for Communities

Initiative centered around helping children in need.

Includes: Nosh a Child: focused on providing food and clothing supplies, and Fund a Child: focused on providing access to health and education facilities.

Nosh a Child: Food and Clothing

This is a subprogram for children that are malnourished, as a result of being a child of a teenage parent, war, an orphan or being in a rural area set up.

We link up with churches, food houses/pantries who partner with our outlets in different locations to cater for the children. The program is also known as ‘Nosh a child’.

Fund a child: Education and Health

This is designed for children that are deprived of formal education.  Some of their parents are jobless – they can feed them but they cannot afford to send them to school.  We take care of such children and those mentioned above under Food & Clothing section.  We also take care of their health challenge.  We link up with private school owners and sponsors to fix the children.

We presently have some children who have been fixed to schools, both primary and secondary schools, through the help of school owners and sponsors.