About Us

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 Redeemed Children for God (RCG) Foundation is a Faith based humanitarian organization dedicated to working with vulnerable children, youth and women.

We are committed to serving God and showing His love to those in need – from the helpless and homeless, to the sick and orphaned. We also reach out to victims of rape and abuse, those spiritually depressed and suffering from rejection and loneliness.



To be an instrument of God to restore hope to the hopeless.


To bring healing to those in despair through the love of God.


  • to encourage and inspire people, and to harness their talents and challenge their capabilities
  • to be friends of the friendless, model to the confused, and source of encouragement to the weak
  • to restore hope to the hearts and help them to be emotionally stable
  • to build lives, make peace and serve as God’s instrument of reconciliation
  • to guide young people with love and care to find direction and positively influence their thought patterns.